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Wireless Landscape Lighting Scene Control

Now available from Artistic Illumination; The Light Logic system offers a expedient way to automate your low voltage lighting and other landscape features. Using four LPCU-A's, control up to four different scenes. Each scene controls a different zone.

Why Light Logic?

Wireless control for up to four scenes

Conveniently used with any IOS or Android mobile device

Up to 250 different transformers or devices for each control scene

Easily retrofits into existing lighting installations

Compatible with any 120V device

Astronomical timing - auto adjusts dusk and dawn times by your location and seasonal changes

Firmware easily upgradable

Sequence multiple transformer

Go Green with LED Landscape & Interior Lighting

Your current lighting system fixtures and wiring give you an opportunity to convert from Halogen to LED lamps, using your existing fixtures or in a New System.

By replacing your existing Landscape Lighting System with LED lamps you can save up to 88% in energy cost. Most importantly is no yearly Maintenance for up to 15 years with LED Lamps.

Halogen lamps are a thing of the past and costly. Convert your Halogen system to an LED system that can last up to 15 years saving you thousands of dollars in energy costs and lighting maintenance.

Artistic Illumination has conducted extensive testing and has compiled a complete line of LED lamps to match our existing Halogen lighting systems without any changes to the appearance and affect your current system offers, maintaining the original visual design.

LED lamps are guaranteed for 5 years by Artistic Illumination!

Due to overwhelming requests by our customers, we are now offering LED conversions for the inside of your home as well as your 120 volt decorative wall fixtures, making you completely energy efficient. The conversion to LED will provide you with maximum savings in energy and a reduction in your monthly utility expenses.

Custom Landscape Lighting Designs by Mark Mullen.

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